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Hey guys. Sorry i haven’t made any gifs in a while. I’ve been busy with uni, but i am currently on Christmas break, so if anyone has any Frank Turner related gif requests, then please message them to me. If you sent some a while ago and i didn’t reply, i’m sorry, please send them again. 

I’ve uploaded all of the old gifs to Google Drive, where all of the folders are organised into folders, so it’s easy to find the gifs. 

The link to the Google Drive folder is here. 


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My boyfriend Ruaridh wrote a review of the recent Bath Frank Turner & the Sleeping Souls show, for a website he is doing for a uni project. It would be great if you could read it, and re-blog this :D


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Request - bexthecrab

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Request by bekilauren

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turtlemarzi said: I think I'm addicted to your blog! Thanks so much for always putting a smile on my face :-)

Sorry i’ve only just seen this message. Thank you for your kind words :) Glad you enjoy the blog!

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